Easy way to get captions from OPENLOAD

Hi distressed person! Like you I have been through this problem of how can I get to download subtitles from openload. I  had searched a lot of sites regarding how you can download subtitles from openload however, no good results were shown or some were too complex for my little mind to even comprehend lol.

So if you are okay with extending a little bit of an effort to get those subs, I’ll share my own experience on how miraculously got it. If you have questions, just put it in the comment box below.

Disclaimer: I am by no means an expert with any computer languages, i’m just sharing my own experience 🙂

Good luck!



So first of all, you are in that site of openload with the video you wanted to watch. However, the subs aren’t easy to get. well, just follow these steps below:

  1. Open that page’s source simply by left click —> view page source or just simply (Ctrl+U)
  2. then press Ctrl+F and find captions
  3. you’ll see something like thissource
  4. that is the link which is the source of your video’s subtitle. So just click it. I don’t know if other openload videos also have .vtt as extension for their subtitles but this is the one in my case.

5. left click again and choose “save page as”

6. then you already have the webvtt version of the subtitle that you need. If your computer supports this version for subtitles then you are good to go! Congratulations!(Well, even if I already downloaded this version, it didn’t run on my computer at first lol so I still did a bit more to finally convert it to srt)


so if it still didn’t run on your video player, you can add a little bit of an effort and follow the steps below:

  1. The thing that I used is a free site which generates vtt files. Just go to http://www.vttcaptions.com/  and click caption generator
  2. Import the file you downloaded from the subtitle’s source
  3. Click download captions vtt file
  4. There are many sites which convert vtt files into srt ones just choose whichever you want. But in case you are asking, I used https://gotranscript.com/subtitle-converter to convert the vtt file to srt
  5. Once you got your srt file, you are already good to go! Congratulations!


Well, I do really hope I helped you. Enjoy watching your video with subtitles now!

I will really appreciate any message of thanks in the comments below just to know whether I helped you.


Have a good day!

update. update.!

Guys.! I’ve finally posted the very first chapter of Illusionary Mirage! I hope everyone will like it. It’s been a long time since I’ve posted it. Anyways, don’t forget to comment your reactions and votes on the poll.! It would really help me a lot to improve the story.! 🙂 That’s all thank you! See you on the next chapter.! 🙂



Bloodstain 1: the phantom and the dream

“Under the luminous moon, I saw a piece of shadow that I’ve never seen before. Through the dark where I can’t see, I saw an unknown phantom covered with blood, dazzled me w/ eyes hungrily piercing through me.”

I was in a park that day at around 5:30, the sun is setting and some people at the park are leaving. The wind blew strong and the leaves rustle. I saw a couple heading for the thick evergreen forest. When I saw the man’s face, it felt like deja vu. I got curious and trailed them. It has gotten dark in the woods, they suddenly disappeared. I heard a sudden faint scream of a woman, but just then, disappeared. The wind blew stronger, I felt a sudden chill travel down my spine. I walked to where the sound came from. The next minute five men wearing suits surrounded me. “Did you hear anything?” One of them asked. I said “Yes sir, I think a strange sound came from here”. The second one asked, “What could such a mademoiselle be wondering around this dark forest at this time of the day? it might be DANGEROUS for someone as lovely as you” and kissed my right hand. I replied “Thank you for your concern sir but I am afraid that I might be having a little business around here and your very presence is interfering with it, so if you please, would you mind to move an inch?”. Then took my hand away from his. “By any means, could you make that business into another place? This forest is not suitable for businesses like yours”, the third man said. “I’m really very sorry bu—t.” One of them held me tightly in my arms, the second at my feet, one of them covered my mouth and nose with a handkerchief and put me to sleep, while the other one carried me and as my consciousness fades, they told me, “We’re really very sorry miss, but we need to get you out of here now”.

When I’m asleep, it feels like they’re heading me to a direction away from someone, someone which I really don’t seem to remember. I awakened at the time I fell. My shoulders hurt because of the impact on falling. There was blood splashed at my legs and some at my shoulders. Then I felt a strong presence that engulfed me. The moment I opened my eyes, I saw those five men with blood rushing out of their necks and blood spilled around them. I am shocked at the moment. My body had become numb, weakening every second as if I am about to die. By that time, it was dark and the moon was shining.

“Before I saw darkness, under the luminous moon, I saw a piece of shadow that I’ve never seen before. Through the dark where I can’t see, I saw an unknown phantom covered with blood, dazzled me with his eyes hungrily piercing through me.”

My younger sister is shouting worriedly, she said “Claire! Claire!Are you okay?You’ve been shouting in your sleep all this time already!“. I replied, “Oh, forgive me for my insolent behavior my lady”, then I gently wiped her tears ” No need to worry, I’m alright, I just had a little nightmare, that’s all.” She replied “Really Claire? Thank goodness! And by the way Claire, please stop those royal-like words to me ever again, if it’s the effect of you having nightmares then it would really creep me out. okay? anyways, I’ve prepared your breakfast and bath so go down after you’ve finished okay?”. I nodded my head and Madeleine went downstairs. I took a bath, wore my uniform and went down to eat breakfast. Our parents are both busy working overseas, Madeleine and I are the only ones living in our house. Madeleine’s classes start at 9 a.m. an hour later than me but she wakes up earlier than me that’s why she always prepare breakfast for me. I bid farewell to my sister and walked my way to school.

On my way to school I bumped into someone. He’s quiet and continued to walk like nothing happened. Since he treated it that way, I treated it like that too. I proceeded walking to our classroom and seated in my chair. My friends came and said, “Are you okay Claire? You look like you had another nightmare again”. I replied,“yeah, that guy again, and this time, it’s clearer.” One of them said, “really? what’s he like?”. I replied ” well I just saw that he has blood scattered all over his clothes. He is wearing a suit with a black cape with a symbol or a crest with it. He also said something to me but I can’t understand. It’s blurry and I can’t remember anything besides seeing him”. Arielle, the other one said “ Maybe he said he likes you, don’t you think?”. I said “Don’t be silly! It’s just a dream you know?”

The man I bumped into earlier  walked towards me and said “You know mademoiselle, it’s better knowing nothing but safe than knowing something but dangerous enough to make you regret you’re alive”. His words resembled those words of the man who was wearing a suit in my dreams. He’s a transfer student from England, his name is Chraune Schoenibeile, and now, he’s seated right beside me. During our break, I saw him at the corridor talking to someone on his cellphone. I hided myself and listened to him. Then I’ve heard him say, “Yes it’s confirmed, she’s here, I’ll wait for your next instructions. Until then, goodbye.”



-Chapter 1 End-

story update..

hi everyone.! i’m really sorry that it’s been a while since I posted something in here.. well this week this really packed with activities and I didn’t get to open this blog often.. i’m really sorry.! T_T

But don’t worry, in few weeks time, i will really release the very first chapter of Illusionary Mirage..! i’m sorry if its taking really long for me to post it.. 😀

Anyways, I hope that people here will get to know more another and submit me some, cases that they want to have in a story… so that I may improve some details in my story…:D

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It’s not really hard to move on,

the one that makes it hard is just the person

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I have been longing for something which i know will never be mine for eternity.


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